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This blog will heavily focus on the early developments of early Khawarij, Musawi-Waqifiyyah, and Ithna'Ashariyyah with a specific focus on the early post-ghaybah trends. It will also focus on Biblical analysis in relation to the development of New Testemant biographies of Isa (a) and Old Testemant biography of Musa (a) and its relation to early Qati attempts at writing the biographies of Ali ar-Ridha (a) and Muhammad ibn Hassan (a).

There will also be the casual and occasional posts of praise and criticism of the trends in Twelver communities.

Thousands listening to Allama Rasheed Turabi; Masjid o Imambargah Shah-e-Najaf, Karachi, Pakistan

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I am hearing alot of bad things about ISIS. Recently people tell me they're forcing Christians to come to islam or leave the controlled area(s) also that they're blowing up mosques? Is this true? I do not believe the news, but what is your take on it? Have you witnessed such things? Thank you.
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I haven’t witnessed such things for sole reason that I’m not in Iraq. But I will advise you this. If you are looking for the truth then seek it from Allah who will certainly guide you to it. Abandon the fake one sided media and give husn ad-dhan (benefit of the doubt) in situations like this. Never assume and always verify your news as Allah tells us to do in surah Hujuraat. If you wanna know my opinion then come off of anon and I will gladly share it with you.

I’m curious. Given that the Satanic State advertise their mass executions, demolitions of masajid, and expulsion of Christians in their own media outlets (official twitter account, their various official magazines, etc.)—apparently these things are some kind of twisted badge of honor—why would you answer this person’s question in such a patently evasive way? The simple answer is yes, ISIS has done all of this and more, and they brag about it. After that, either you agree with their vile, filthy, wicked actions, or you don’t.

If anyone has a copy of al-Mizan in Persian, you should get it ready because I found a really interesting paper that deals with the topic of Sabians and Buddhists in Tabatabai’s thought. I don’t have access to it but people who do might want to check it out when I find the specific verses.

Akbar I actually love you for the sake of Allah you’re such a great guy I’m sorry for flaming you over tumblr it’s just because i miss you


I’m the only person I know my age who says ya ali when kids fall

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im going to marry her off to jude law


if i had a daughter i’d name her shariah


يابو فاضل بالدّمع كلّي بچيتك *💔 (at العتبة العباسية المقدسة)

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When a true believer dies the angels and places of earth, where he worshipped Allah, weep because of his death. Also, the doors of the heaven through which his good deeds had been taken up weep and it (his death) causes and irreparable damage in the Islamic system, because the true believing Fuqaha (people of proper understanding in religion and its laws) are the strongholds of the Islamic system just as the fortress around a city is a stronghold for it.
Imam Musa al-Kadhim (ع) al-Kafi v. 1, ch. 7, h. 3
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Alhamdulillah calligraphy in front of the shrine of Sayeda Nafisa, Cairo, Egypt.

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