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This blog will heavily focus on the early developments of early Khawarij, Musawi-Waqifiyyah, and Ithna'Ashariyyah with a specific focus on the early post-ghaybah trends. It will also focus on Biblical analysis in relation to the development of New Testemant biographies of Isa (a) and Old Testemant biography of Musa (a) and its relation to early Qati attempts at writing the biographies of Ali ar-Ridha (a) and Muhammad ibn Hassan (a).

There will also be the casual and occasional posts of praise and criticism of the trends in Twelver communities.

Akbar……..I did the “not eating cus I think I’m fasting” thing again.
Ramadan got me like


Be Grateful to Allah

Allah Provides Us Sustenance

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So is Shaytaan back for some people and not back for other people?

You know - there’s a lot of talk in Muslim communities about how we don’t support converts/reverts. I’ve always kind of acknowledged that supporting them is very important, but I’ll admit that I never viewed their situation as one that’s overly critical. I’ve noticed that there is racism against Black converts, particularly in UK communities (not to deny its existence in the states), but I figured that this is more due to the fact that the individuals generalizing them are racist and it wouldn’t matter whether or not the people they were targeting were born Muslim or not.

However, a close family member that I’ve always had a good relationship said something quite disturbing earlier today. A woman who had converted to Islam recently was brought up in discussion during family dinner and he said, "Really? She couldn’t have just found Allah at 16? She HAD to get knocked up and have all those kids first?"

It really hurt me to think that someone who I really love and respect would say something like this. Not only was the sister being targeted for converting, poor decisions she made in her life of Jahiliyyah were brought up as a huge negative about her. Furthermore, the sister’s entire conversion was viewed as “less of a good thing” due to the fact that she found Islam later in life. I also detected that there was a hint of sexism. A man who converts (or a man who is born Muslim for that matter) is rarely targeted or attacked for past sexual experiences or having children before converting. I really don’t see any difference between someone who converts as a child and someone who converts a day before their death. It was just a really sad thing to hear from someone that I love very much.

It really made me start to wonder how many people hold these opinions and just aren’t vocal about it. It really bummed me out.

Be pious in hardship and ease.
The Messenger of Allah (ص) Nahj al-Fasahah p. 39 (via shiaislam)

This girl in my Thursday night class (5:45-9:15) was complaining to the proff that she had work before class and thus didn’t get a chance to eat so she should be allowed to eat in the class. Meanwhile in my Muslim corner of the room:


One came on a elephant to attack the Kaaba,

And the other came on a camel to attack the one born in the Kaaba

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
what were the bid'ahs of umar ibn khattab?
ilmalyaqeen ilmalyaqeen Said:

Salam - Sorry for the obnoxiously late reply:



I really didn’t have time to make a list and I didn’t want to give you the typical “taraweeh!!!!!” answer. Sorry for my tardiness and lack of detail.



Samarra, Salah ad-Din Governorate, Iraq:

Shiite volunteers sleep during the midday heat inside the Askariya Shrine, where two imams revered by Shiites are buried.

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sean penn aka akbar hashemi rafsanjani


sean penn aka akbar hashemi rafsanjani

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